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Wolf's Rain Fanfiction-Yaoi + Others

Wolf's Rain Fanfiction! YAOI AND OTHERS WELCOMED!

Wolf's Rain Fanfiction!! YAOI AND OTHERS WELCOME!!
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Wolf's Rain FanFiction

Welcome to Wolf's Rain Fanfiction! IT IS FOR YAOI AND ANY OTHER FANFICTION OF WOLF'S RAIN! That means only open minded people may join....you can review and give help to people on this journal but no bashing on a fic because of it being Yaoi or some other pairing...there are really only a few rules! :)

1. The ONLY type of fic that is NOT allowed is Mary sue fics, in other words NO ORIGINAL CHARACTER FICS!!..nope...If I see them here the entry will be deleted and so will the person who posted it. Mary sue type fics are fics where people make up characters who often outshine the ORIGINAL characters and are pointless and stupid....I wont have it.

2. NO BASHING YAOI FICS OR STRAIGHT FICS! that means no rambling about how wolves cant be gay and such =_= Or that Kiba cant be in love w/ Cheza blah blah blah!

3. Give links to fics or if you MUST post it here, put it behind an lj cut. To make an lj-cut simple do this:

*before the story*

*heres your story*


dont put the "*" there thats just so the tags would show up

easy as pie! :)

4. when making an entry for a fic, please do this:

Rating: (example: PG, PG-13 and so on...and YES NC-17 is allowed here.)
Link or lj-cut here then:

5. PEOPLE CAN REVIEW YOUR FICS HERE...=_= so if someone flames you about spelling or something, take it as an adult. Only come complaining to me when its a flame about Yaoi or something about the pairings of the story.

6. PLEASE introduce yourself before making comments and posting if possible! Thanks!!!


I AM A YAOI FANFIC WRITER! So rule number 2 REALLY applies. If you dont like Yaoi and someone posts it...dont read...you dont like KibaxCheza fics...DONT READ IT! -_- simple.

*Also you can rant here if you want ^^ about a bad fic you flamed or someone who flamed you, its alll good!!*

If there are any problems please contact me. I am also looking for another person to help me run this, so please email me if you want to.
Thanks and HAVE FUN! P.S-My spelling sucks and I'm working on it hahaha! so hope it doesnt bother anyone :)

CREDIT: Credit to lj user Croik who did the lil Cheza image I have for my comments.

Maintanier + Moderator= ME jrocker