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Hi. This is the intro before I post. The name's Lew - despite the "ghostgecko" thing I usually o by Nightspore. I'm male and in my late twenties, which already makes me fairly unusual for a fanfic writer, I guess. I have a ton of ff up at fanfiction.net but no Wolf's Rain yet so far. If you're interested, "Don't Go In The Basement" (for WILLARD) and "How 'Bout Another First Kiss?" (for BACK TO THE FUTURE) are both slash, fairly short, and in my humble opinion, some of better ones.
I wrote a Wolf's fic for the last contrelamontre challenge (it's a weekly slash writer's group), which I probably shouldn't have done because I've only seen the episodes broadcast on Adult Swim to date. Oh well! I love anime (the VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE tv series being my all time top fav, closely followed by DRAGON HALF) and I'm nuts about werewolves, so it seemed like a dream project to me, and so far I am VERY impressed with Wolf's Rain.
Anyhow, I'll keep this short: I love comments and not just the complementary ones (I also like to argue and dissect). So don't hold back.
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